Saturday, May 14, 2016

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #76 Turkish Delights 2016 5 out of 10

Turkish Delights  2016  5 out of 10

In the latest Mickey Mouse cartoon Mickey is a food vendor in Turkey trying to sell his treats on the streets.   Turkish versions of Goofy and Donald (wearing mustaches) are annoyed that Mickey is stealing their business and a battle occurs. Usually when the cartoons feature Goofy and Donald Duck it increases the likability of the cartoons.   This cartoon falls kind of flat.  The sight gags aren't especially funny and as I've mentioned before the attempts at the international cartoons are generally the least interesting ones to me.  I think the characters are better when they are themselves instead of some weird international versions of themselves.   I'd much rather see Mickey and Donald trying to take Goofy to Potatoland than watch mustached  Goofy and Donald fight with Mickey over vending space in Turkey.   When they let the characters be themselves --they tend to shine more.  

The cartoon can be found on the Disney Channel or Disney Online

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