Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SHAG, Star Wars and Disney

Sometimes all of your favorite thing combine.
That was the case this last weekend when the my favorite Artist SHAG premiered his latest artwork at Downtown Disney.  
I'm a big Disney fan,  a big Tiki fan and of course a huge Star Wars fan.   So when it was announced that SHAG was doing a version of the Cantina scene and that he would be a the Disney resorts.
I was all in.

The Wonderland Gallery in Downtown Disney was the location. The store would open at 8am ....They told people not to line up until 6am.   When I heard that I knew the wife was not up for this adventure.   She likes to sleep in on the weekend --so I headed off solo for what I thought would be a quick adventure to get some cool SHAG Star Wars stuff.   I arrived at the Disneyland Resort at 6am and the entrance to the parking structure lane was open and since I have a pass with parking I headed into the parking structure.  I pulled up to the booths with only a few people in front of me, but the booths themselves were not open yet.   I should have parked in Downtown Disney lot.....I had unknowing made a fatal error that would cost me hours.   There were cast members in the booths --but the booths didn't open until by the time I got over to the line for SHAG it was all the way around the Rain Forest building.  At 6:30am there were probably already 200 people in front of me.

By 9am:  An hour after the store had opened I was still near Rainforest.  My parking mistake had cost me dearly.  My plan to hit the store early when it opened and maybe hit the park for an hour was already a failure.   I guess I underestimated how many people would get up that bloody early.   I was going to be stuck in a line longer than the lines would be when Star Wars Land opens.

10am:  They had escorted us to where we could at least see the store.  I wanted to bail--but I'd already invested 4 hours.  I was pot committed as they say in poker.  There were SHAG fans,  Harvey purse fans, Disney Merch fans and Star Wars fans all in line.  All of those worlds colliding made for a slow moving line.  

11:30-12:00:   At this point I had lost track of time.   I finally made it into the store.   The made rush for product lasted a few minutes as people stocked up on items.   I was only going to pick up glasses and postcards originally --but after waiting so long I knew that my wife would think I was an idiot if I didn't pick up a shirt as well.
So I forked over more money than I had planned just to make my wait worthwile.

Besides this shirt will be perfect for Tiki Oasis in August which has a Monster Island theme this year.    The check out line which moved very , very slowly and was the obvious reason for the length of the line as a whole.

Here was the haul I brought home. 
  The line was insane and I will never do that again.  
 I waited so long I should have received a Fastpass for Star Wars Land.  After over 6 hours --I choose not to return for the Signing that was between 3-5pm since I was number 106 for the signing.  I get to see SHAG every year at Tiki Oasis in San Diego without massive lines --so I headed home.

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