Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Sweetest Spot in the Disneyland Resort: Ghirardelli's in DCA:

There are many Sweet spots at the Disneyland Resort.

Whether your nose pulls you into Candy Palace on Main Street or it is a Dole Pineapple Whip that you crave.  I know many people that can’t pass a Churro cart without partaking in one of those sugary sweet delights.  The sweetest spot in the Disneyland Resort has to be Ghirardelli’s.   I can’t walk around DCA with the kids without one of them declaring that we need to walk into this place.   We can’t walk within a hundred yards of the place in DCA without having to stop in  for a free sample.  (My wife is the same with the Risotto bites at the Alfresco Lounge).

Who am I to say no to a free Chocolate sample.  
 That little Chocolate sample just melts in your mouth. 
 The caramel on is my personal favorite. 

Of course the Chocolate sample is just meant to lure you in.   And lure you in it does.  More cases than not something else is purchased.    And usually for me that just means something for the kids.  I usually settle for a coke as I watch the kids digging into a an amazing Sundae (Knowing my wife would kill me if I ordered a Sundae).    There are so many amazing choices on the menu at Ghirardelli’s. 

  You can’t go wrong with ice cream and Ghiradelli’s Chocolate.   Freshly dipped cones call to you like Sirens.

I dare you leave this Sweet Spot empty handed.

Like I said ---you stop for the free sample....but you rarely leave without getting something else.

Where is your favorite Sweet Spot at the Disneyland Resort?

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