Friday, May 27, 2016

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #77 Ku'u Lei Melody 2016 9 out of 10

 Ku'u Lei Melody 2016  9 out of 10

I absolutely loved this cartoon.   Mickey is trying to compose the perfect melody on a Uke and has been inspired by on island spirit in the form of Minnie Mouse.  The animation is superb.  It is the perfect mix of Tiki and Mickey.   Surfer Goofy and Donald interrupt Mickey.   They all end up searching for his melody in an ancient Tiki area that brings forth some cool Tiki Room references.  Mickey eventually finds Minnie and his tune.

Here is a picture for Mickey, Goofy and Donald walking past some Tiki room Totems. 

One of the only things I like as much as Disney is Tiki Stuff so this episode grabbed my attention on so many levels.

Mickey ends up connnecting with Minnie and the end of the episode and finding the mystery melody he was searching for.
This episode captured everything I love about the current Mickey cartoon series.  It featured the big 3 and had some adventures humor and fun.

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