Friday, August 28, 2015

3 Interesting Dates on Closed Attraction schedule that could have a Star Wars Connection.

3 Interesting Dates on  Closed Attraction schedule that could have a Star Wars Connection.

 I still have Star Wars on the brain after the big D23 announcement.   I went online today because I was thinking about how non specific they were regarding the dates  for Star Wars related happenings at the park .  I thought I’d check and see if the Blue Sky Cellar was listed anywhere –since it has been closed for quite awhile.    Not only did I see a listing for it –but several other Ride Closure updates caught my attention.  Here is a link to one of the sites that shows the ride closures and openings.

1.        Innoventions has been closed since before March of this year and at D23 we found out why……Star Wars Launching Bay and Mavel Superhero HQ is going in.   Innoventions is currently listed as Reopening on 10/01/2015…….So we may be getting the Star Wars Launching Bay in slightly over a month.  This is truly exciting.

2.       Blue Sky Cellar is scheduled to reopen on 10/03/2015…….This means that we could start to see some peeks up close and in personal of what is coming with Star Wars Land like we did before Carsland went in at DCA.

3.       The last listed attraction closure and reopening is the Tomorrowland Theater:   It shows as being closed from 06/8/2015 (last is when Tomorrowland sneak peek ended)  It is listed as reopening on 12/02/2012.   If you do the math –that is about 16days before The Force Awakens opens in theaters. I know I said that it probably wouldn't happen---since Avengers didn't get a sneak peek and Star Wars is a even bigger movie and probably doesn't need the extra advertising.....but if it doesn't I'll be there all day watching it.

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