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Disneyland vs Disneyworld: The Castle Battle

Castle Battle: Sleeping Beauty vs Cinderella

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I’m a Disneyland Pass holder so if you have noticed I’ve trended in the direction of the California parks in this attraction battles so far.

This battle in my opinion there is a clear winner.   
Let’s take a look at the two castles.
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle:
Disneyland’s Castle is a total icon.   It is the first Castle and one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.  Disneyland’s castle uses forced perspective to make it look further away as you enter the park.  It is a scaled down version of a castle.  The castle opened in 1955 and was inspired by an actual castle in France.

Cinderella’s Castle:
 When you have grown up visiting Disneyland’s castle and see the one at Disneyworld for the first time it is a shocking site.  Disneyworld’s Castle is well a Castle.  They had a lot more space when they built this castle and this time they went for wow factor.  This castle is over 100 feet taller than its counterpart in Disneyland.
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Disneyland’s castle has a walk through Sleeping Beauty attraction that features dioramas like those seen in the windows on Main Street – that tells the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Disneyworld’s castle has a restaurant and a dream suite.
That is right people have actually been lucky enough to stay in 
Disneyworld’s Castle.
The Restaurant -known as Cinderella’s Royal Table is located on the second floor of the castle.   I ate there over 15 years ago and it was a really cool experience that should be done on one of your visits to the park --if only so you can say you ate in the castle.
The Winner:  Cinderella’s Castle

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So despite being an icon Disneyland’s castle can’t handle a candle to Disneyworld’s.  I guess Sleeping Beauty married the wrong Prince

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  1. I first visited Walt Disney World back in 1995. And I was amazed at how big Cinderella Castle was, especially since you can see the top half from across the bay. After that visit, it was a shock to return to Disneyland to see how small Sleeping Beauty Castle really is.

    As I grew up, I feel like the force perspective seems to be less apparent with Sleeping Beauty Castle than when I was a kid.