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Countdown of the Top 5 Best Shrinking Attractions that have been at the Disneyworld Resorts

Number 5 
 A Bug's Land 2002- Present

Designed as a land where you are the size of a bug from A Bug's Life--this area of DCA was a much needed addition at the time it opened in 2002.  When DCA opened it had wine tasting, a Wolfgang Puck's  restaurant and a beer wagon, but not a whole lot for the really little kids to do.  A Bug's Land was the answer and features 4 rides for the wee ones.  

Number 4
2015   Ant-Man  Sneak Peek

In the It's Tough to be a Bug 4-D Theater they recently had a sneak Peek for Ant-Man.  This was the perfect setting for this look into the shrunken down world from Ant-Man's point of view.  The sneak peek featured cool 4-D effects and was a cool temporary addition to the parks in promotion of the movie.

Number 3
1998 -2010  Honey I Shrunk the Audience

This 4-D movie was in the Captain EO Theater in Tomorrowland and was a blast.  Following as an extension of the Honey I Shrunk movie series and featuring Rick Moranis (SCTV) and Eric Idle (Monty Python) it was a cool idea for a 4-D experience as the shrink ray shrunk the entire audience and included a cool scene where a toddler picked up the shrunken theater which shook when he did this.  

Number 2
Body Wars   1989 -2007

A lot of people hated this ride that used to be in the now long gone Wonders of Life Pavilion at Epcot.  It was based on the same ride system as Star Tours and shrunk your craft down to the size small enough to fit inside the human body.  I enjoyed it the one time I got to go on it right after it opened ---It made a lot of people sick however as the adventure inside the body was a little wilder than would have liked.

1967-1985   Adventures Thru Innerspace

This is by far my favorite Shrinking Attraction.  I used to love this ride as a kid.  It shrunk you down to the size of the atom and took you on a slow moving Omni-mover ride shrinking you and shrinking you.  I'm sure it would probably seem cheesy now--but back in its day it was a classic and the audio which you can find online featuring Paul Frees still makes me smile to this day.

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