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4 Star Wars things to look forward to at Disneyland until Star Wars Land is built.

Star Wars Land was finally  been announced for Disneyland and Disney Studios.   Now we  just have to wait for it to be built.   (Where’s my Delorean when I need it)  

I'll talk about  Star Wars Land itself in a different blog…… but in this blog I'd like to discuss what we will get until then.

The announcement of a Star Wars Land –was expected and is truly exciting –but just makes us want to know more because the details are vague.    I have always dreamed of a Star Wars theme park and have discussed my ultimate vision for one years ago before  Disney even bought  Star Wars.  A full Star Wars theme park has always been a pipe dream---I’m just thrilled that at least we are getting a land.

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With the Force Awakens hitting theaters this December and a Star Wars Land now officially in the works Disney knows that  people are going to be chomping at the bit until this new land opens.    
 So wisely they have plans to give us more Star Wars while we wait. 

  Here are the 4 things we can look forward to in the near future……while we wait for Star Wars land to be built

1.  Star Wars Launch Bay:    Innoventions is going to basically have an entire floor dedicated to Star Wars.  News out of D23 and the Disney Parks Blog describes the Launch Bay as an experience that will take guests into the Force Awakens with exhibits and behind the scenes looks.   It will have special merchandise and  Star Wars characters.   This is exciting news!!!     When I went to the Star Wars Celebration earlier this year---I thought  that the Force Awakens exhibit should just make its way across the street to Disneyland …..I guess Disney agrees and is bringing us an extra floor full of Star Wars to the Innoventions building.   No specific date was given for when this will open.     I would assume that it will open right around when the film is going to come out in December.


2.    Jedi Academy is getting updates.

Darth Maul will likely be replaced with one of the Villains from Season 2 of Rebels

This popular experience for young kids (that every Star Wars fan my age wishes they could be a part of as well)  will be getting an update that will feature characters from the excellent Star Wars Rebels animated series.  The second season of this show should be hitting Disney XD sometime this fall.  I would assume the changes to the Jedi Academy will accompany that shows return.

3.   A new adventure added to  Star Tours:

The Disney Parks blog says " Later this year, Star Tour - The Adventure Continues will include a new adventure"      It will supposedly feature locations and character from The Force Awakens.   No specific date has been given, but this will most likely occur right around the release of the new film

4.   Season of the Force:  
This sounds like a Star Wars version of when Disneyland decorates for the holidays.   It is described as a new seasonal event that will start in early 2016.    This is super exciting for the West Coast Disneyland Star Wars fans that have been begging for something like Star Wars weekends which occur every year in Orlando.    Guests to the park during this event will get a taste of some special Star Wars entertainment  that will include food locations and much more......The Disneyland version will include Hyperspace Mountain:  a Star Wars Overlay to Space Mountain that will include effects and a John Williams soundtrack  (Dream do come true).  Why didn't they think of this earlier.

So while we patiently wait a couple of years for Star Wars Land to be built there is a lot to look forward to.

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