Friday, August 7, 2015

Exploring World Showcase at Epcot: Part 8 : China

We have made it around the World Showcase to China.
As I mentioned before World Showcase should be an all day adventure--but since we hit Future World first we started running out of light.   As a result we got to see China at night.   The family was really dragging their feet by the time we got to China and everyone was ready to call it a night.  I guess next time I need to put the family on an endurance training schedule before our trip.  Or if we can have a schedule that wasn't back end loaded with Cheer Comps so we didn't have to try and do 4 parks in 4 days--they may have held up better.

The main attraction in China is the Circle Vision 3-D film Reflections of China--which used to be in Disneyland back in the day.  It is a good film that shows you some interesting footage of the country --but it is an old film and could probably use an updated version or perhaps my suggestion in the upcoming Ultimate Epcot post.

The Main structural feature in China is this replica of the Temple of Heaven.

China also features shops like all the other countries -where you can delve deeper into the culture.  And as entertainment throughout the day they have entertaining acrobats.

We were all tired -but not too tired for a little silliness.

China features two restaurants:   The first restaurant the Nine Dragons -which is a full service restaurant is considered by many Disney World guest to be one of the most disappointing restaurants in World Showcase.  I've never personally dined there on any of my trips so -I can't confirm nor deny that opinion. The other restaurant is the Lotus Blossum Cafe ---which I've heard good things about.  That is a quick service restaurant that serves American style Chinese food.

Up next ---my thoughts on Ultimate Epcot " If money was not a concern " what should be added to China.

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