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Tomorrowland 2015 9 out of 10: A Movie Review

Tomorrowland 2015  9 out of 10

I’ve been waiting for Tomorrowland to come out for awhile.  It is one of those films that I was looking forward to seeing in the theaters –but never got around to for some reason.

My wife and I had seen the great 4-D sneak peek for the movie at Disneyland and its ties to the 1964 World’s fair and mysterious nature intrigued me.  

Here is a link to my thoughts on the sneak peek with pictures of the movies props.

The film turned out a little different than I had imagined it would.  It was part action adventure and part comedy which didn’t come across in the trailers.  

The film didn’t perform as well as Disney hoped it would at the box office which was a disappointment since it was original film as opposed to a reboot, remake or sequel.  I hate when films I like don’t do as well at the box office as they should. 
I can see how it was a hard movie to market….to get across what the movie was about without ruining the story.   I absolutely loved the marketing personally.  The mystery of Tommorrowland left me looking forward to the film.     

Disney Connection

Being a huge Disney fan I loved the links to the Small World and the 1964 World’s Fair –being a gateway to this magical place.  Between this movie and Escape From Tomorrow   (add link to blog and podcast here)   a ride on the Small World will never be the same again.     What kid hasn’t fantasized about a secret path on the Small World.   Aside from the Small World ride of course the name of the film itself is named after the land in the parks.  The theme of the film reminds me of Walt's vision for Epcot.

The movie iteself:

The concept and story of the film are magical.  I love the concept of the film and this secret place where all of the world’s imaginative people have created something special.  The best part of the film was near the start when you get to actually visit Tomorrowland in all it’s glory through the eyes of the main character (played by Brit Robertson) as she first experiences it via the magical Tomorrowland pin.  Tomorrowland looks amazing.  
 I will revisit this part of the film many times just to take it all in.  One of the biggest complaints about the film was that we didn’t spend enough time there…..(but that would have made the movie cost even more and slowed down a good story).     Of course no Utopia ever ends up prefect and Tomorrowland is no different.   The main character becomes the only hope to save humanity and its future.   With the help of a good Animatronic girl and a grumpy old George Clooney (that was once an optimistic young boy at the beginning of the film) she must give the world hope and save the day.  The message of the movie is great….  Imagination and Optimism need to thrive….. The story that delivered that message was fun and entertaining.    I would totally recommend this film.    It made for a great family movie night.

I can’t wait to dive into the bonus features ---which I will discuss in a future post.

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