Saturday, October 24, 2015

Why Does Nightmare Before Christmas not have Stage Musical Version of it Already?

Halloween is almost here……The Haunted Mansion already has its holiday makeover and the movie has been airing on TV.   I’m talking about A Nightmare Before Christmas of course, which I caught the other day during one of those airing.  I absolutely love this movie.  It has become an absolute must watch Holiday movie.   I was a big Oingo Boingo fan before I even knew who Tim Burton was.  Halloween used to mean going to Irvine Meadows for a Halloween Oingo Boingo concert.    Then Danny Elfman stopped making Rock songs and became the top notch composer.  Tim Burton  and Danny Elfman made a perfect team.    They have collaborated on so many movies together----but Nightmare Before Christmas was by far the perfect storm of their collaboration.  
I was watching the movie –like I do every year and I just kept thinking and wondering…..Why hasn’t this been turned into a stage muscial yet?   I’ve thought of this before –but  now with Halloween approaching I can’t stop wondering about it.….Monty Python and the Holy Grail has a Musical,  The Evil Dead has a Musical……Why has Nightmare Before Christmas not received this treatment?

I’m not talking a full blown Broadway production---but why not at the parks.     Aladdin is closing soon at DCA after an amazing 10 year run and is being replaced by the hit film Frozen.  How awesome would it be to have a seasonal version of  the Nightmare Before Christmas Musical during the Halloween and Christmas season.     The sets would be amazing…..Halloweentown with its German Expressionist look and style.   The characters and costumes would be totally cool.

The movie wasn’t a huge hit when it came out –but it quickly became a Holiday classic in the same way that A Christmas Story did.    Nightmare Merchandise was hard to find and in big demand.  The popularity grew and grew and more and more Merchandise started to come out years after the film.  The Mansion got a makeover for part of the year.   I guess the closest we will get is if you are lucky enough to head to the Hollywood Bowl  this Halloween.   Danny Elfman will be performing the songs from the film live .   Halloween Night is compeltely sold out --but they have added Sunday night as well.   (I wish we could go this year --but we have other plans)

How cool would a Nightmare Before Christmas Musical be??? 
What are your thoughts.

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