Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Descendants Cast: A Fan Celebration at Downtown Disney : Descendants 2 is on its way.

I was checking out the Disney Parks blog Saturday morning and I came across the news that the cast of the Disney Channel movie Descendants would be a Downtown Disney that day.  
My stepdaughter watches the Disney Channel non-stop -so I knew that a chance to see the actors from the film which are also stars of some of her favorite TV shows was an opportunity we couldn't pass up on. So off to Downtown Disney we went.

We got there about a 40 minutes early and of course it was already packed so our view would be difficult at best.  They should have had big screens showing what was on the stage like they have done for other events, but they didn't. 

We waited in the hot sun melting like a witch in OZ--wishing someone would throw a bucket of water on me.  The show started right on time with the director Kenny Ortega talking briefly about the film.  He has also directed the High School Musical movies, Hocus Pocus and Newsies.

Then they brought out the films stars which include: Cameron Boyce (Jessie, and Gamer's Guide) and Booboo Stewart (who played Jafar's son in the movie

 Then Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie) and Sofia Carson joined them on  stage. 

I got some okay pictures over the tops of out raised arms and kids on shoulders.  If I had run the event I would have had an area for kids to sit up close to the stage and all the parents in fold out chairs behind a rope.   The first come first serve standing home only was an ineffective way for the true fans (kids to see everything).   My step daughter still had fun though.  All these pictures are zoomed in after the fact.

After a brief Q&A with the cast they posed for some pictures with a couple early arrivals that were dressed up like characters from the film.

This unzoomed shows what our actual view was like....How early did the people in front show up for this event?

Then they did a fun little sing- a -long featuring some of the hit songs from the movie

The Choreographers from the film came out on the stage and taught the audience the dance moves to "Set it Off" and then the cast danced with the audience to the song.  I caught that on my phone --but for some reason couldn't load it to my Disney Facebook page...only my regular one.

As we were leaving a line had grown where the cast was exiting and my step daughter lined up to watch them exit...

My thoughts on the event:   It was free!  Parking in Downtown Disney for this short event was also free.  My stepdaughter got to see some of her favorite stars from her favorite shows up close and personal.  The standing home only with adults in the mix and no big screens to see what was on stage could have been better...but it was a great event all in all.   And the big annoucement that a Descendants 2 is currently in the works was a special treat for the fans.  All in all it was a fun event.

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