Monday, October 26, 2015

The Good Dinosaur: A Sneak Peek at the Disneyland Resort

The latest Disney Parks Movie Sneak Peek is The Good Dinosaur currently in the Bug’s Life Theater.

I’m a huge fan of these movie sneak peeks that use the 4-D in theater effects to enhance the movie experience.   The Good Dinosaur sneak wasn’t presented in 3-D –but did effectively include the theater effects such as in theater lighting,  water effects and an incredible scene which included the seat effects.

Here is a cool picture of some of the characters outside the theater.

This movie wasn’t really on my radar to see in the theaters—but as usual they may have changed after seeing this cool sneak peek.  
I was surprised at the cool visuals in the film,  since I hadn’t seen anything that cool from the film’s first trailer.  It looks great and the 2 main characters are adorable and the sneak peek into the movies story makes it look like a lot of fun.  The story is basically a what if the asteroid hadn't killed all the Dinosaurs and follows a boy named Spot and a Dinosaur named Arlo.

Could this be Pixar’s First Flop?

Despite how good the sneak peek was this film had issues during production and was reworked by Pixar that didn’t feel it was good enough at first…..I think Pixar has solved whatever initial issues the film had because it looks like another great Pixar film now.   Pixar basically has the best movie batting average ever… They don’t seem to make bad movies---so I’m sure it will be great.   My only concern is for the box office future of the flick –between the Ice Age films and Land Before Time and Disney’s own Dinosaur.  It just seems like this ground has been stomped on too many times before.  The one thing this film lacks that the other Pixar films has is an original story.   As a result this particular film may get lost in the shuffle.    (Of course I've been wrong before)

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