Thursday, October 1, 2015

Star Wars Droid Tales: A TV Show review

(Chewie in Vacation Wear)

I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Lego Movie which most everyone else loved,  but I’m in love with Star Wars Droid Tales.   I’m a big Star Wars fan and I enjoyed both the edgy Robot Chicken parody and the raunchier Family Guy parodies of the franchise. The Lego Mini-Series is a more family friendly version of those parodies.  
It is innocent and yet still funny.  I find myself especially enjoying Yoda in the series (Impatient he is).  The series was originally a mini-series on the Cartoon Network titled the Yoda Chronicles.   Impatient he is in this series.   When Disney bought Star Wars the show produced by Lego—moved over to Disney/ Disney XD with a slight name change and now continues as  Star Wars Droid Tales.   The show features some original material that parodies the characters as well as parodies of the actual films with a Lego style interpretations of the stories. In the most recent episode there was a joke about the Cantina in Mos Eisley losing all it's business to Watto's new night club.  If you have any younger Star Wars fans –they will definitely enjoy it.  It is just a fun little kid friendly Star Wars diversion ---well we wait for Rebels to return and the movies to hit the big screen.

The current mini-series of Droid Tales has featured 3 episodes so far with the next episode airing in October of this year with Flight of the Falcon on 10/05/15.

Here is a trailer for the series.

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