Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Disneyland vs Disneyworld: Tower of Terror Battle --Which is Better?

Battle of the Towers:   Which Tower of Terror is better?

This is an easy one.   The Tower of Terror in Orlando is better than the one in California.

It actually wins  every portion of the battle.     If you haven’t been on both versions of the ride –you may be confused.   Isn’t it the same ride you might thin??    The answer to that is no it isn’t .   Sure it has the same basic concept and the same backstory….but one main difference makes the ride in Florida better.

But before we get to that let us compare the rides look.

The Florida version can be seen in the distance of your entire walk down Sunset Blvd.  

  Perched on a hill at the end of the street the ride looms over that area of the park.

The tower at Disney’s California Adventure was an addition to the park to help with low attendance when the park first opened.   It was a very welcome addition –but as a result of not being a part of the original plan for the park—it’s  placement has it hidden behind the main Hollywoodland area.  You can’t really see the Attraction until you turn the corner next to the Hyperion Theater.

The biggest difference in the rides and what I believe makes the Florida version better is the "Fifth Dimension"  section of the Florida ride.   The Florida ride does something that an elevator isn’t supposed to do.  The elevator  comes to rest on a floor and then moves forward through a hallway into a Twilight Zone star field.   It changes from a simple elevator ride that drops you  up and down and takes you thru a dark ride portion before the thrills begin.    When the California ride opened I was disappointed that this part of the ride was missing.   The California version has its own mirror effect where you seem to disappear –but that just isn’t the same as the dark ride section at Florida’s version.  The explanation was that the "Fifth Dimension" was the section that broke down the most.

The winner:   Orlando’s Tower of Terror.

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