Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Big Thunder Ranch –the Gateway to a Galaxy Far Far Away:

Star Wars Land is the biggest Disney news I could have dreamed of (Okay that is a lie I’ve dreamed of an entire Star Wars Theme Park –even before the new films were announced).  

Let’s just say that this is the most excited I’ve been for something new in the parks since the Indy ride opened.   Indy and Star Wars are my too favorite franchises so having them in the parks is like having all of my favorite things all in one place.   Once Star Wars Land opens a trip to Disneyland will be like a trip to my own private heaven.  It is almost like someone designed this place just for me.  

Big Thunder Ranch is the location for this magical addition to take place….. So The Big Thunder Jingle Jamboree isn't happening this year.

 The Horses and goats and  the Barbeque will be closing soon as well.   The Event area is already closed up.

So I thought it would be fun to take a look at this area as a good bye and dream about what will soon be here in its place.

The first question that comes to mind is how will this area behind Frontierland be transitioned to a Planet on the outer rim?   

Disney will have to get creative here as a planet in outer space is a strange transition from the backside of a runaway train in the old west.   I’m assuming that the BBQ restaurant area will serve as some type of transition section to the large section where the festival grounds and beyond are now.

So Long Big Thunder Ranch---it was nice knowing you.

P.S. I hear the Goats are being sent to the research lab and being turned into these things.  I can't wait.

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