Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Star Wars Launch Bay: Meeting Chewie

I had one goal on my return trip to Seasons of the Force this past weekend to meet Chewie.   

Parking in the Toy Story parking lot ---was a sign that it was a busy day.  The line for the bus from the lot to the park was long so I decided to walk the couple of long blocks to the park.  The entrance lines weren’t bad –but Disneyland itself was packed  (and preparations for Candlelight were going on).  You couldn’t even walk down Main Street –but were instead ushered back stage all the way to the corn dog cart.  Disneyland must have been near capacity ---crowd control was in full effect. 

I made my way into Tomorrowland (It is so cool just walking around with John Williams in the background) .  I went straight over to Star Wars Launch Bay and entered the building.  
The line for Chewie was only about 25 minutes according to sign. (this picture of the sign was from the other day I went to Launch Bay).

While I was  in line I felt like 7 year old all over again.  The same  age I was when I first saw Star Wars In a Drive In theater.     

While waiting in line they had some cool artifacts to keep my attention.  

 Rebellion helmets from the movies. 

Here is Poe's Helmet

"Get out of here Wedge ---You aren't helping anyone back there."

Luke's Helmet

Even Sabine from Rebels

Lightsabers from the Jedi

Obi Wan

Yoda's Saber

You enter what looks like a Rebel Base walking down a few corridors and then you turn a corner and Chewie is right in front of you.

I have been jealous for years of all the kids that get to do the Jedi Academy.    Where was that kind of experience when I was a kid?But now with Star Wars Launch Bay---Adults can get an opportunity to meet a couple of their favorite characters from the films.

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