Saturday, December 26, 2015

Marvel HQ at Disneyland

Everybody is thinking Star Wars and for good reason.......
The new movie is smashing box office records.....
Star Wars Launch Bay is getting all the attention and the other giant blockbuster franchise is getting sort of overlooked.  
 Just upstairs from Star Wars ...Spiderman has moved into the Disney parks for the first time ever with little fanfare.   The upper floor of Innoventions was already home to Thor and a collection of Ironmen suits....Well now the entire floor is Marvel as a part of Super Hero HQ.

A new section called the  V.A.U.L.T  is an area where character meet and greets can take place which currently features Spiderman  (soon to be scene in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.
The V.A.U.L.T is a reference to Agents of Shield --which I'm glad to see is getting a little attention in the park as scenes from the show were on screens in the shopping area.

Classic Marvel Comic Frames cover the wall near the shopping area.

Where the Star Wars Launch Bay below had a total makeover--The Marvel HQ seems didn't get as much attention.....  Like I said the Thor section --as seen below...and the Iron Man section remain the same.

The biggest addition to the upstairs was bascially more shopping.

Like the Star Wars Launch Bay you can find some cool Marvel related artwork.

Merchandising is the key

Advertising for the new films

They also have the same D-Tech Phone cases that you can buy

The section where they used to have the power station shuffleboard game looks like it is just waiting for something to happen...  There is a sign relating to films that are still a ways away....The Infinity Gauntlet will be the main story for the next 2 Avengers films.

There is a cool X-Box area with playable games relating to Marvel.

I expect this area will get some more attention once the Star Wars craziness winds down a little and I expect some love for Captain America when the new film gets a little closer.....For now the Marvel HQ seems more like an after thought...

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