Friday, December 4, 2015

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #67 Wonders of the Deep 2015 9+ out of 10

Wonders of the Deep   2015 9+ out of 10

One of the latest Mickey Mouse cartoons really hit home for me. This cartoon stars the big three Mickey, Goofy and Donald and features a guest appearance Professor Ludwig Von Drake.  This cartoon features the gang on a Submarine Voyage (which hits home because when I worked at Disneyland I was a Submarine Voyage Captain).  The Professor takes them on a Voyage into the Deep Blue and all they see is a guppy at first until Mickey wants to go deeper to see the real mysteries of the deep.  And see the Mysteries of the Deep they do...This cartoon brings out the best of each cartoon as they search the deep ocean for mysteries .  We get to see Mickey's wide eyed wonderment.  We get to see Goofy --be well Goofy and Donald has one of his  classic temper tantrums.   The Professor gets accidentally ejected into the ocean and is swallowed by a Giant Clam.  Mickey and Donald go out to rescue him while Goofy messes with the equipment on the Sub.   Mickey and Donald think they encounter some Mermaids --but it turns out they were just hallucinations do to lack of oxygen.  Instead of Mermaids they find themselves face to face with a Kracken.   The cartoon was nearly perfect and had everything you could want in a Mickey cartoon.    I loved this cartoon.  Partly because of it's connection to the Submarine Voyage which I used to spend 8 hours a day driving around the lagoon.  I loved it mostly because of the fact that it gave all three Disney Stars a moment to shine like the old Mickey, Goofy and Donald cartoons.

This cartoon short was about 7 minutes...Twice as long as most of the cartoons in the series..

You can check it out on Disney Online or the Disney Channel.

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