Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Disney Restaurant Review: Zootopia Corn Bananas at Award Wieners

Some things you just have to try and you end up regretting afterwards.

An example of this is Chocolate Covered Bacon.

I remember trying it at a Chocolate Festival.   
I figured “I like Chocolate” and “I like Bacon”

“I’ll probably like Chocolate Covered Bacon Right ?”.  

I was wrong of course.   The first bite tasted okay –but then aftertaste kicked in.

So when I saw this limited time treat for Zootopia was going to be at Award Wieners at DCA ---I was interested –but uncertain.

I saw the picture for it on the Disney Parks Blog. 
It looked interesting.  

It was basically 2 bananas dipped in corn and honey batter (Sounds Good) Topped with Powdered sugar (Good right).   It came with a pair of dipping sauces.  Chocolate and Raspberry (Yum).     

Well I had been out to the park a couple of times and curious though I was, I kept thinking “Chocolate Covered Bacon”.   
I passed up on getting this both trips.  The thought of Chocolate Covered Bacon running through my brain.

My 3rd trip to the Disney Parks I knew it wasn’t going to be around much longer so I just had to try it.

Just like Chocolate Covered Bacon the first bite tasted pretty good.       

Again my logic was flawed.

“I Love Corn Dogs” and “I like Bananas”, but just like Chocolate Covered Bacon --apparently not together.   A couple bites in my original positive impression had faded.    Bananas on their own are good.  Frozen Bananas covered in Chocolate are great.  A banana Split is one of the best things ever. 
A mushy warm banana in Corn Dog batter....."NOT SO MUCH"
I’ll give them some props for trying it –but I would not order this item again if they brought it back.

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More Disney fun to come as we head to the DCA Food and Wine Festival later this week.


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