Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cinderella 2015 6 out of 10 (Disney Family Film #4)

Cinderella  2015  6 out of 10

I finally got around to seeing the new Disney version of Cinderella.  It was a good quality remake of the animated film.  I personally think that the classic Cinderella story just isn't that interesting or exciting to me.   I can't find a flaw in the film making itself.   
The acting was solid and the visuals were stunning.   My favorite segment was the Fairy godmother transformation sequence, which I had seen previously in a sneak peek at the Disney parks.  So I guess my only issues with both this live action remake and the original animated feature are the simplicity of the story.   Everyone knows the story.   Cinderella is under the thumb of her evil step mom and her two horrible daughters.  They basically treat her like a servant.  Every women in the kingdom is invited to a big dance at the castle.  Cinderella helps her sisters get ready -but isn't allowed to go.  Then her fairy godmother helps to transform her for the dance with the help of some magic.  She shows up to the ball and falls in love -until she is forced to run away at midnight when the fairies spell is broken.   The end of the movie --is all about finding the girl that fits the glass slipper that was left behind.    

Girls love this fairy tale about a simple girl finding her prince.  It is a classic love story, but nothing exciting really happens in either the animated film or this remake.   She simply falls in love and then the prince searches for the girl that fits the shoe. 

Like I said everything about the movie itself was well done and stayed true to the classic tale.  I just don't think the story of Cinderella is too dull.    

It is definitely worth a rental as a family film if just for the transformation scene, but not one of my favorites among the recent Disney Films and if I had seen it in the theaters I wouldn't have bought it on DVD.

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