Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rollickin' Roadsters: A DCA Ride Review

The Replacement for Luigi’s barely moving  Flying Tires has arrived at DCA.  I took my step daughter out to the park the other week to check it out.  

When Carsland was built one of the 3 attractions was the ill-advisedly  attempt to bring back the Flying UFO ride from Tomorrowland in the form of Flying Tires.   (Seen below)

The ride was slow and difficult to maneuver and pretty much a flat tire of a ride.   

It’s replacement is  called Rollickin Roadsters which is a cute little Family Friendly ride.  

Don’t expect big thrills here…It is a pretty tame ride.  A step below Mater’s JunkYard Jamboree.   The ride uses a track less ride system that has many different routes programmed into it… you can get a slightly different experience each time you ride it.
The ride is aimed at little kids and as such it is a perfect little addition to Carsland.   I often see people commenting or complaining on blogs or podcasts about rides that weren’t really aimed at them.  Everything isn’t going to be Radiator Springs folks.    There is a place for the Heimlick’s Chew Chew Train type rides as well.    This ride is a kids ride and achieves its purpose. 

You enter the ride through Luigi's Casa Della Tires

Making your way through the same memorabilia that was present for the Flying Tire ride.

The look of this ride is great.  The little cars each have their own look.   Here are some pictures from our ride on this cute little kids attraction.

The Cars basically dance around the area in random patterns to different songs.  The best part is when the cars do a little spin at the end of the song.


My Review would be: Adults --don't get to excited about this attraction....but your  little one will enjoy it.

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