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(Disney Animated Movie Review #13) The Good Dinosaur 2015 6 out of 10

The Good Dinosaur  2015  6 out of 10

It had to happened eventually.  Brave was my least favorite Pixar film before this movie came out.   Pixar has made it's first movie that wasn't a huge box office dominating success.   The Good Dinosaur limped into movie theaters in November and made the least amount of money of any previous Pixar film.  I questioned if this could be Pixar's first flop when I saw the sneak peek at DCA before the film came out.  The blog on that sneak peek is here...The sneak peek was good --but not amazing like most of the other sneak peeks.  In fact most of the other sneak peeks sent me to the theaters to see the movies ---The Good Dinosaur I waited for on DVD.

The Good Dinosaur wasn't bad..... in fact the visuals were amazing. The movie featured stunning vistas showing the beautiful world that waslike something straight out of the Disney Nature film "Bears".  The movie just seemed to be missing something.  

I liked the characters.....
I liked the story of Arlo the Dinosaur and the friendship he forms with the little dog like human Spot.  
The action sequences were good especially some of the storm footage that sweeps Arlo away from his family.  
Everything about the film was good......but not great.  

Pixar films are generally Great and The Good Dinosaur just Good. Despite its top notch visuals the story just wasn't a high concept idea like Inside Out or Toy Story.  It seemed like the kind of story you would expect from one of the other animation studios.  
I also found myself comparing it to Disney's own Dinosaur from 2000 which also featured a Dinosaur separated from his family that makes a long journey.   Dinosaur was 15 years ago and also had photo realistic backgrounds and I personally thought Dinosaur was a much better film and I kind of want to revisit it now as a comparison.

I can't really put my finger on The Good Dinosaur's failing. I know that the film had many production issues and was reworked several times.  I guess they just couldn't get the tone of the film right. Maybe the failing was that the concept for the film just wasn't that strong to begin with.   My verdict:  It is worth a rental---but this one isn't a keeper.

Here is the Good Dinosaur Trailer

Here is the Dinosaur Trailer.

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