Thursday, April 7, 2016

Quick Thoughts on Rogue One Trailer…..and Questions

Like every other hardcore Star Wars fan I got super excited when I heard yesterday that the first teaser for Rogue One would premiere today.  I got to work a few minutes earlier and logged onto Facebook and the barrage of links for the trailer were plastered all over Facebook.
Of course I watched it immediately several times. To be honest I wasn’t blown away with it. 
I wasn’t excited about the trailer which is unusal because I was super excited by the Force Awakens Trailer.  Don’t get me wrong I’m sure I will see the movie the first couple of days it is in the theater and I will listen to podcasts about every rumor concerning the film until it comes out.   But with the exception of the really cool scene with the walkers at the end it felt more like a TV show than a movie.   
It felt like a Battlestar Gallactica promo to me.  It was dumb of me to watch it for the first time on my phone instead of at home  (Like I could wait that long)
Star Wars fans got all excited to see Mon Mothma featured in the Rogue One Trailer…….

The average person –will be like …..”Who the hell is Mon Mothma and why I’m I supposed to be excited about her being in the movie?”
I guess it just didn’t show us enough for me.    I actually liked the teaser trailer from the Star Wars Convention for Rogue One better…..which was basically just a slow panning shot through a forest with the Death Star in the background.

What did you think of the trailer?  
What has you excited or not excited about this risky first non-Saga film?   
Will Mon Mothma and a bunch of other characters you have never heard of before –get the masses to the theaters?  
When will we see more of Vader?  (He better not just be in the last 30 seconds of the movie like Luke was)
What about Tarkin?
Time will tell…….I hope the next trailer gives us something more to be excited about.   Especially considering that we already know how this movie will end.  

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