Saturday, April 23, 2016

Disney Magic Kingdoms: 3 Traps and Pitfalls of an Addictive Endeavor

I hadn’t been suckered into a phone game since Nemo’s Reef. 
My Step daughter had tricked me into that one so that would could visit each other’s reefs.   This lead to to an OCD person’s worst nightmare.  Logging into this cute little game to collect fish and build an underwater mega reef.    Luckily at some point my phone broke –which gave me relief from the Reef. 

 I definitely wasn’t going to start over and now –I had hours of my life back.  I went about a good year without playing any obsessive compulsive phone games.   Then Disney Kingdom’s came out.

  1. The Hook    If I became addicted to building a make believe underwater reef for a cartoon fish---I didn’t have a chance when Disney Magic Kingdoms came out.      There goes all my free time again.  I was a big fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon back in the day. This sucks you a theme park fan in with a similar concept.   
    It is basically a Disney addicts dream –or is it a Disney addict’s nightmare?   You basically get to play around in the Disney parks with Mickey and Friends.  Building rides and opening up new characters.
  2.    The Tease   When you start the game only a small portion of the parks is available to you….  But you can see several enticing sections of the park that you will be able to unlock.   And then there are sections you can’t even see yet that are just off screen.   For an OCD Disney addict ---this tease will keep you playing for a long time
  3.  The Trap   The trap of the game (which is where all the money is) is that you need Gems (a lot of gems) in order to unlock certain characters and attractions.    The problem is Gems are extremely hard to come by and are super easy to accidentally use (when you didn’t intend to).   While clicking on the attractions and concessions in order to earn credits –all it takes is one accidental push of a button and 20 Gems will accidentally be used.   It will take days to earn these back …. Unless you of course Buy Some……. T hat is the catch –but it seems like a cheat.   If I can just buy them –then it isn’t much of a game.    It is more of a money pit.       Like many other Free phone games.    I personally don’t believe in paying money to for credits or points in a game.   I’m more than willing to buy actual souvenirs or collectibles in the actual parks.   But paying money to buy a digital Pluto in a game is beyond me.     But I’m sure many people without patience fall into the trap.     Disney may as well just open up a Casino in Vegas---because I really don’t see the difference.
    The Game itself isn’t super exciting ---it takes way too long to accomplish the little tasks in the game (Disney is banking on this to encourage you to purchase your way to a quicker goal).   I’m addicted to the game,  because I desperately want to see the areas that haven’t been unlocked yet.    It just may take me forever to get there. 
Currently Level 21 and just achieved  Buzz Lightyear's Spin

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