Friday, July 29, 2011

Attack of the Little Mermaid : The Ride

Don't let the colorful outside of the ride fool you.....Beware of the man eating Mermaids and their cruel evil plot to take over the world

BEWARE!  She will lure you in with her good looks and happy smiling fish friends.
Just so they can make human sushi out of you for their annual fish feast.

They even provide a map to their fiendish fish festival.   Follow this path to your DOOM

The evil looking  Seahorse look over the victims
The mystical kelp is used in order to tie up the human sacrifices before the feast.

As you enter the building and climb aboard your serving dishes.....

The bird tries to warm us but we don't listen.

They call it a dark ride for a reason....The first thing that happens once we are strapped in our serving shells  is that we are  the thrust  underwater without any means to breathe.....a collective drowning if you will

The vicious mermaids begin to circle waiting for their victims .    I've seen Pirates of the Caribbean so I know the truth about them now.

Like the Sirens of myth she sings to us luring us in with her song

So innocent she looks .......

But then the transformation into evil beast occurs

Watch what happen to this poor sailor she seduced with her song

With her  Medusa like eyes she can turn a man to stone

And then once the passengers slow begin to drown the fish begin their ritual of doom. 
With song and dance they parade around  in preparation for the human feast

And the Evil Mermaid queen looks upon the festival 

Doomed we are someone yells.   as we break free of our shells and swim for the exit.

Avoiding the celebrating fish 

"Mola Ram Sudda Ram"  we here them chant....Where have I heard that before?

Luckily we escape  rescuing the dim bird on our way out and fleeing to safety..

SO BEWARE!    Mermaids are everyone....and they are out for human blood

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