Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DCA is Glowing

Before the Game Grid  DCA Glowed!   The Tron  Makeover of DCA is far cooler --but the concept was tested out prior to Tron taking over with Glowfest..  in all its cheesy colorful  glory proved a hit for the Disney Park

The Entrance to Hollywood was very colorful indeed

It's like if the 1980's took over the future

Or Videopolis returned???

Lighted up dance stages and glowing rave like atmosphere took over this part of DCA at night
It looks like the Scooy Doo van gets a groovy makeover

I'm tripping out man....Why is the floor glowing?

RAVE Disney?

It gave the area some much needed energy

and some random culrural dancing ??

What exactly is in those Churros?

Even my camera is tripping out man.

The projection effects on the side of the building was really cool --a foreshadowing of things to come

Yeah Baby Yeah!

And then there was Tron.......The game grid would take Glowfest to the next level....Coming soon

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