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October 2007D-land Hungry Beavers--Biscuits --Nemo Hats

I'll start with Oct 13th  ---some of the Tower of Terror group that braved the 13 Times on the Tower of Terror on Friday the 13th .  Trying To Tempt the Tower with Tenacity and finish another 13 Times.  A group of folks lead  by a couple of my friends headed out to the resort.    
Adam   AKA  Bassbone --chilling in the jungles of The Rainforest cafe at breakfast.
The Tower loomed large and was too much for us on this day ----"you may have won the battle tower --- but we will get you next time you Biscuit Carver"  (inside joke)
Here are a couple of the Tower pictures  (Taken by others)   Didn't feel like completely posting the same stuff i already did on micechat thread. Unlike the last time when the wait was only around 13 minutes  --this time the line kept growing and reached the 40 minute mark causing us to give up your goal of 13  rides  fairly early after about 5 or 6  can't remember exactly.

We hit the animation building after a quick spin on Monsters INC.
Really cool Toy Story  Zoetrope   --you have to see it in motion trust me i shot video of it --but always screw up putting vids in blog. so here is the stationary version

Here we are waiting to go talk to the Crushmeister.    "Dude!!!  you so totally rock"
 We headed   over to go on the "Sunwheel of Doom"  "Mola Ram, sudaram!! MolaRam, sudaram!!"    7  People in one swinging cabin   not the best idea   Adam --was about to kill Adrienne   --Here is cool picture on the way there
And in the cage of DEATH
After that we headed over to Disneyland side --and did a whole bunch of rides.  (although it was extremely crowded)
We hide from the crowds in the Golden Horseshoe Theater  to  get something to eat--when i said "Will someone take a picture if I go up and dance on the stage of The Golden Horseshoe Revue?" ---Of course i was just kidding until  my good friend Bellhop Princess said " You are all talk"  So i handed her my camera and walked straight up to the stage.

The dance was amazing ----There were back flips and some disco dancing ---Moves the people in the seats had never seen before . ( At least that is my story since there is no photographic proof)  ok  so it was more just a little Western style jig ---But i did receive Applause!!! --which were nice. And supposedly i  did some dance step  that has a name--which i didn't  know the name of.  So now i can add danced on the stage at The Golden Horseshoe  Theater to the list of things i've done in life.
Crossing the treacherous streets of the hub near firework time we headed into Star Tours --I bought my little furry big headed Wookie  (Yikes that sounds really bad)
Here are guys doing what guys do best  --(playing with their balls )
Here are some of the Halloween  (Day of the Dead ) Skeletons at night.
Waiting for Fantasmic  The little Wookie  hanging out with the Great Tiki that just recently had his head glued back on.   I told   Adrienne   "Time to pay the Wookie "  inside joke  --so she  gave the little Wookie a quarter in his  little bag to start saving for his college fund.  You know Wookie  school.
Hey the River is on  Fire call the Fire Department
Day  2  Oct 14th  ---Back to the parks again. 
Went out to meet a Disney friend Manda and her fiance Barry at the park .   Had only ever talked online before so it was cool meeting new people out at the park .  After all that is why i got on myspace in the first place because Disneyland is my passion and after breaking up with my ex--who i spent the last decade going to the park with  --the going alone was getting old really quickly.
Here is photo i took for them with  my favorite  Dog Goofy  ( I dropped her  6  Mega pixel camera --right before this picture --I'm so sorry--at least it still worked --i had  Pixel Envy the whole Day)
We did Pirates and Mansion. then headed down to Critter country.
Oggie Boogie   working the popcorn --(once again Manda's  pic is better---Damn  Megapixels)
Anyone Hungry???   
I guess i was   ---Here is me standing next to the Hungry Beaver sign  ( Everyone   together now   "that sounded bad").   Once I saw the beaver it was  default pic time.
After we ate --we headed over to  Poo   (THAT SOUNDS REALLY  BAD )   I'm talking Winne the Poo People.
Near the river we spotted a guy that looked kinda like a fish wearing a Nemo Fish hat---  He literally followed us for the next couple of hours
Then taking the rafts over to the Island   (disappointed the Pirate's Lair caves were closed) since they had never seen them before.   Got this cool Indy Rope Bridge pic of Amanda's  Grandpa  though
We caught the drunken staggering  Pirate's stunt show from the raft a unique point of view.  ---Then headed for the train.  Hey there is that Nemo  guy again---  first in Critter Country  --then over on the island-- (no picture there)  and now the train.
I become obsessed with the Nemo hat.  But first a little Orleans music
Hey   i found  Nemo  again.    And to think people are waiting in  an hour line to find him over in Tommorrowland  - when he had escaped on this guys head.
To steal from the Jungle Cruise--in case you missed him--there he is again
We relaxed on the train for a bit.
Barry mugged for the cameras in many silly hats 
After a quick trip on the Matterhorn  --i took off for the rest of the day.
Tower folks and Barry and Manda  for 2 fun days at the park.  
 Today's  blog has been brought to you by  The Number 2
and Blort Cola   --The Cola all the Monsters drink

A Short Wookie Poem by  a Short little  Wookie
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!    Ruh  Rrrrrrrrghh!

BAC    10/16/2007

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