Thursday, July 28, 2011

Electronica: Welcome to the Game Grid Part 1 Flynn's

I was lucky enough to stumble across the Flynn's aracde exhibit at comic con 2 years ago.....Such a cool promo.   Free video games in Flynn's arcade from the orginal Tron..   So cool .   Well I was thrilled when Flynn's arcade came to DCA as a part of Electronica.   The games are no longer free like at Comic Con but  it is so fun.  
 Playable Tron games now available for your home systems

I remember back in the day the entire Tron game section of the Star Trader arcade

The Neon wall art is amazing

As the 1980's music playing in the background ... The fun really begins.  
The Token machine puts out special Flynn's Tokens .   A reason to save a few as keepsakes

Classic games ......Pac-Man  and Centidpede

Mike Tyson's Punchout---Sure you can beat Glass Joe ---but what about Buster Douglas

Another classic game

Dig Dug

The coolest thing is that they actually have playable version of Space Paranoids...The game from the movies..

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