Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Frozen Fun at DCA

Are you ready for some Frozen Fun??  
Well it has come to DCA whether you are ready or not.

Along with Olaf's Takeover of the parks comes the rest of the cast of Frozen.

With Giant signs visible  all the way down the Backlot area visitors are bombarded with Frozen Fun.

The Mad Tea Party ....(I was never a big fan since it replaced the much better Electronica) has been replaced itself by 
 Freeze the Night a Frozen themed dance party.

The Muppets are also gone to make way for  Wandering Oaken's Trading Post 
 (AKA the place where Disney can cash in on Frozen store)

And Anna and Elsa have taken over the Muppet Theater for a 

So if your kids haven't stopped singing the songs from the movie  yet --you may want to stop by the old Muppet Theater to catch this cool little sing-a -long, which uses some cool digital backdrops.

Come on you all know the words by now.
(Whether you want to or not)

 The show mixes clips from the film with live actors in a shortened retelling of the film.

The finale included snow in the theater as Elsa belts out the signature song

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