Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cinderella Sneak Peak at Disneyland Resort

The latest in park sneak peek is for Cinderella which opens next weekend.  This is the first sneak peek that hasn't been in 4-D and it is taking place in the It's Tough to be a Bug theater in DCA.   Like the previous previews this one features an extended scene followed by a trailer for the film.   The extended clip in this case is the transformation scene in which Cinderella's fairy godmother  helps her get ready for the ball.  The scene was funny and magical.  Helena Bonham Carter was perfect as the fairy godmother and the special effects were dazzling.  They even made good use of the in theater effects with the mice running under the seats.   Once again Disney has turned a maybe in the theaters movie into a must see with this sneak peek.  The movie looks beautiful onscreen and I'm sure the inclusion of a Frozen short before the film isn't going to hurt either.  I really hope this tradition of showing sneak peeks continues.  I gives me another reason to visit the parks and get excited for Disney's upcoming films.

 I wish I had a cave like the Bug's Life theater at home to screen movies in

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