Monday, March 23, 2015

Interactive Queues: Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom

The new trend at the Disney parks is to find new ways to keep the attention of short attention span society  that we live in. 
Interactive Queues engage an audience that barely even looks up from their I-Phones. 

 A great example of this is the interactive Queue at the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom.   It keeps the kids engaged as they wait in line and makes the wait seem a lot shorter than it really is.   The kids may actually look up from their I-Phone for a minute to play musical notes on the organ or play with the shelf where you push in blocks along a tomb and new ones pop out.
The kids had a blast with this feature while in the Haunted Mansion line.  I wish they would add some of these features to the California version.

Disney has always done a good job at making the lines more interesting with the Indiana Jones ride in California being a great example.  Now they have been adding new things to older rides like the Haunted Mansion  such as these cool busts.

The Captain's tomb has bubbles coming out of the top and leaks water that making it a fun little kids play area.  Plug a hole with water coming out and even more water comes out of another hole.

 Dear Sweet Leota's tombstone has a face that moves and here eyes open.

Before you know it the 30 minute wait is over and you are already on the ride.   The best thing an interactive queue will do is make people say "That wait wasn't as long as it said".

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