Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Little Details: Lucky Cats of Japan at Epcot


The beckoning cats of the Japan Pavilion.  The one thing Disney does the best is details.   Whether it is a ride or an attraction they put a lot of work into the little details.  In Epcot's world showcase each of the countries is a little journey to someplace else.   
 The best way to describe the World Showcase section of Epcot to someone that has only been to Disneyland is to describe New Orleans square.   I will often say "You know how New Orleans Square has back streets and alleys and shops and restaurants......Well in Epcot each country is a like a New Orleans Square".   Each country is like an escape and a cultural journey to that place and Disney goes overboard in the details which immerse you into that country.   You could spend hours in each country walking through the shops and dining at the restaurants.  Just losing yourselves in the little details that bring those countries to life.

One of those little details that caught my eye was the Lucky Cats in Japan.

The Lucky Cat figurines are meant to bring good luck and are often found at the entrances of shops and restaurants.  The Japan Pavilion had many different colors and styles of these cats,  my favorite however was the large display above.

Here is another example of one of these Lucky or Fortune cats that can be found in the Japan Pavilion.

He Beckons


Here is Wiki info and these Cats

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