Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stich's Not So Great Escape! : Magic Kingdom Attraction Review 4 out of 10

We just returned from a Trip to Walt Disneyworld and it was my first experience with Stitch's Great Escape.
I was a fan of ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter which Stitch replaced as an attempt to make the attraction more family friendly.   Unfortunately they just made the ride boring.  Stitch's "Great" Escape was nothing of the sort.  They basically stripped the old attraction of everything that made it great and instead gave us an uninspired replacement.  Stitch isn't threatening at all and the ride effects seemed to be severely lacking from the somewhat scary attraction that once stood in its place.

The sad thing is that I'm a big Stitch fan.  I love Lilo and Stitch and watched the direct to DVD films and the TV show as well and yet this ride was a real let down.   ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter which opened back in 1994 had a wicked sense of humor and was able to build up a sense of tension that the ride that was never as extreme as advertised needed.  The old ride was at least interesting.  Stitch's Great Escape which replaced it in 2003 is an extremely watered down boring shell of what the old attraction was.    Gone was the tension of the old attraction which was replaced with a ride that was basically boredom in the dark.  It is a shame....I understand what they were going for--but they failed to deliver.   

The teleportation gone wrong theme from the original attraction remains- but the chills and thrills are replaced with a bunch of underwhelming sound effects.

It is time for Stitch to Escape for good and a new Attraction to replace it

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