Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor: Magic Kingdom Family Attraction Review 8 out of 10

One of our first stops at the Magic Kingdom was Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.  It is one of the attractions unique to Magic Kingdom that we don't have on the West Coast.    Monster's Inc Laugh Floor is an attraction meant for the entire family that is based on the technology used previously in Turtle Talk where the animated characters interact with you in real time.   Like Turtle Talk this allows for a slightly different experience on multiple visits as the interactions with the audience can take the show in different directions.

If you recall the events at the end of the original Monsters Inc the company is no longer powering the city with screams -but now laughs.  Well this lends itself to a perfect setting for the attraction as the Monster comedians are trying to gather power from the tourists by making them laugh via a stand up comedy act.   The humor is aimed at kids and is family friendly --but the comedians pointing out and making fun of the audience adds to the fun.  My whole family enjoyed the attraction and if it was out on our home coast park Disneyland we would definitely head back for another show.   It is a much better  family experience than Stitch's Great Escape across the way.  This attraction will have the kids laughing --where as Stitch may still scare some of the smaller kids (Although it isn't scary at all).

Here is a quick clip of the Attraction from You Tube to give you a taste of what to expect if you haven't visited the attraction before. The part with the telepathy is great.

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