Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Nostalgia vs Cheesiness: A look at the Universe of Energy in Epcot

I’m a Disney fanatic (otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging about).  
So I hold a lot of things in the parks dear to my heart and view them fondly with a nostalgic reverence.

When I visited Epcot in the spring with my wife and her kids it was interesting to see things through someone else’s eyes.  One of the kids wanted to see Captain EO at the Imagination Pavilion.  I love Captain EO.  I fondly remember going to see it back at Disneyland until it was replaced by Honey I Shrunk the Audience.   I remember being excited to see it again when it returned to Disneyland after Michael Jackson’s death.     So when one of the kids’s wanted to see it—I was all in.   As we left the ride my wife turns to me and just said “That is so cheesy”.      For me it is a classic attraction.  A Nostalgic gem.   She didn’t have memories of Captain EO in that way –so for her it was just a cheesy 80’s music video.   (Blasphemy)

Well after this we were going to head into World Showcase –but one of the kid’s wanted to see Universe of Energy (I guess I made it sound better than it is).   I remember liking Ellen’s Universe of Energy 15 years ago.   I remember thinking it was funny and entertaining.   After we went on this attraction I guess my memories were just misplaced Nostalgia.   The Universe of Energy hasn’t aged well.   I could have not even mentioned it and taken the family directly into World Showcase and we could have had more time there –instead I feel like we wasted time on an outdated attraction.   I think Disney knows it is outdated as well.  In fact they pretty much warn you before you go on the ride –letting you know that it is a 40 plus minute attraction.   (Yikes –we should have run for the hills).    The ride wasn’t funny to me anymore—it just seemed super long and dull.  The one section that I remember the most with the Dinosaurs was still decent –but you basically see the same thing that you see on Disneyland Railroad in California –with about half the scenes not included.  It was kind of a cheesy waste of time now.  I remember it being so much better. 

I know that many Disney fans get their panties in a bunch whenever an old ride is scheduled to be replaced.  Look at how upset many people were when Maelstrom closed.  Maelstrom was fun –but it was old and maybe a Frozen update of that ride will be a good thing.   Aside from my Ultimate Epcot discussions on how you could improve Epcot “If money was no object”   --maybe Universe of Energy just needs to replaced with anything better and more entertaining.  

Is this ride a Nostalgic ride for you---or is it just old and cheesy?

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