Friday, February 20, 2015

Will Star Wars and Avengers get 4-D sneak peeks at Disneyland???

Disney's new Cinderella movie will be out in the theaters soon and currently Disneyland is running a sneak peek of the movie in one of their 4D theaters.   I hope to drop by the park this weekend to check it out.  What movie will be next to get the sneak peek treatment?

 Over the past couple of years the Disneyland Resort has featured sneak peeks of Tron Legacy (which was amazing),  Frankenweenie,  Oz the Great and Powerful, Maleficent, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Big Hero 6.   I absolutely love the idea of having sneak peeks in the park. It makes good use of the 4-D theaters as they rotate the upcoming films while still having the regular 4-D movies in between.    I wasn't even sure if I would see Guardians and Big Hero 6 in the theaters until I saw the 4-D sneak peeks for those films.   So when they announced that Cinderella was also getting a sneak peek it got me thinking......Will they do the same for the Avengers and Star Wars???   

 My mouth began to water at the thought of a Star Wars sneak peek.  I could literally spend half a day going back again and again to see this in between trips on Star Tours.   The Guardians sneak peek blew me away and turned a movie I had a mild interest  in seeing into a must see.   Could The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star War: The Force Awakens get the same treatment?  

I guess we will find out soon enough since The Avengers will be hitting movie theaters this May.   I really hope that we do get a sneak peek for these films---but I also think that despite Disney's recent track record of doing this---that it may not happen.

Disney already knows that The Avengers sequel pretty much will market itself after the first one made around a billion dollars worldwide.   And Star Wars......Well with Star Wars -they pretty much don't even need to advertise.  Every little detail about the film sends the internet into a frenzy.  An 88 second trailer that barely showed a thing sent the internet spinning out of control with excitement.  Disney may want to not release sneak peeks of these 2 films --based solely on the reason that they don't have to.   They don't need to drum up fan interest like they did with the basically unknown Guardians or Big Hero 6.  With the Avengers and Star Wars being such already established franchises --they may find it unecessary.

I for one hope that we do get sneak peeks of these 2 films.  If we do I will be at the parks front and center watching them and getting more excited for 2 films that are already must sees.

I'll be posting about the Cinderella sneak peek this Sunday

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