Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Adult Drinks at Disneyland Part 1 Karl Strauss Beer Truck

Adult Drinks at Disneyland  Part 1 

In case you have been sleeping under a rock for the past 10 years.  There is now Beer at the Disneyland Resort.....Okay so you still can't get Beer in Disneyland itself  (unless you have connections with someone in Club 33),  but across the street in DCA you can.   Since the very beginning  when DCA first opended it  has offered several adult beverage options,  including the Karl Strauss Truck in the Pacific Wharf area of DCA.   So after a day of strollers smacking into your ankles and chasing the kids all over the park an adult can stop by the Pacific Wharf and try several Beer offering.   Sit and enjoy the view from the Wharf or the view of Carsland while sipping on a nice cold beer.

Here are the current selections available at the Pacific Wharf Beer Truck. I love Karl Strauss's stylish beer taps.

If beer isn't your thing there are many other places within the park to grab a nice adult beverage including  the Wine Area,  Avalon Cove, Carthay Circle or the many restaurants in downtown Disney.   Including my personal favorite  Trader Sam's.

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