Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #55 Goofy the Olympic Champ 1942 8 out of 10

The Olympic Champ  1942  8 out of 10

It has been awhile since I visited my Goofy DVD collection --so I thought it was time to start tackling the rest of these classic cartoons.   The next  in  the "Goofy How to Series" is The Olympic Champ from 1941 --which features Goofy showing  many Track and Field events in his typical clumsy Goofy way.  Goofy is at his best while trying to run the hurdles and tumbling and bumbling his way down the track.   He is in fine form running away from his errant javelin throw tripping over everything in sight. .  As I've said many times Goofy is my favorite Disney character and when he is trying to be graceful and failing miserably --is when he is at his best.  This cartoon is definitely worth a look for any Goofy fan.

This cartoon can be found on the Walt Disney Treasures  DVD  The Complete Goofy.   (which collects all of the Goofy starring cartoons)

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