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Planning a Trip to Disneyworld: Part 2 in a Series: Ranking the Disneyworld Theme Parks from a Disneyland Passholder point of view.

Each persons list will be a little different.

Everybody has there own favorites for their own reasons.

Here is my list ranking the Walt Disneyworld Theme Parks in order of which ones I'm the most excited to see.  

This list is coming from a Disneyland Annual Passholder --so that is a factor in my choices.

1.  Epcot
                                   (Picture from Pinterest) As an Adult Epcot has the most to offer.  It is basically two theme parks crammed into one.  First there is the Futureworld section which features such great things as the Living Seas  (which is better than many aquariums)  Thrills in the form of Test Track and Mission Space (for those that can stomach it).  The classic old school Epcot attractions like  Spaceship Earth, Universe of Energy and Living with the Land and the super fun DCA transplant that is Soaring Over California.    And then there is the World Showcase.   Imagine many of the cool countries of the World all around a big lake.  You could spend hours in each land taking in the cultures. Exploring the shops and tasting the food and drink of those places.  Epcot is hands down the best theme park for adults.   You could spend the day in France and England and not even feel like you are in a theme park.  With the restaurant choices in World Showcase --one could eat in a different country ever night of the week.

The Disneyland Passholder Factor: Epcot is like a whole new world to a Disneyland Passholder.   Really the only repeat attraction is the amazing Soaring Over California  --which is such a great ride that it is a bonus to have this attraction at Epcot.

2.  Animal Kingdom

                               ( Picture from Pinterest)

The last time I was at Animal Kingdom was at least 9 years ago and Expedition Everest, which looks like one of their best rides was still being built.  Even without this attraction Animal Kingdom was one of my favorite places I've ever been to.  I could literally spend the whole day on Kilimanjaro Safaris which gives you a different experience each time you ride it.  And if I got bored for some reason on this incredible ride I would go on the Indiana Jones clone  Dinosaur over and over again.   The animal exhibits are incredible and I love this place more than the World Famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal park (which I've visited many times over the years ).  If you need to cool off Kali Rapids is fun as well (even though not as fun as Grizzly River Rapids in DCA).   And then there is Everest!!  the ride I could see being built the last time I was there...    I can't wait!!!

The Disneyland Passholder Factor:  Other than It's Tough to Be a Bug  (a great 4-D show featuring A Bug's Life characters --which I actually saw at Animal Kingdom  --before A Bug's Life even came out)  --this theme park is an original.

3.  Disney Studios   
                  (Picture from Pinterest) On my first visit to Walt Disneyworld --way back in the day this theme park (then Disney-MGM Studios) was my favorite theme park.   Then it was a brand new experience and the World Showcase didn't hold the same enticement that it does today.         It had Star Tours with a cooler entrance. It had Muppets 3-D (DCA hadn't been built yet).  The Great Movie Ride and the Backlot Tram Tour (that pretty much doesn't exist anymore.    I got my picture with a sexy cut-out of Jessica Rabbit.   It had the Indiana Jones Stunt Show based on my favorite movie of All-Time and a bunch of other cool stuff I had never seen before.   Later they added Tower of Terror (the Orlando version is much better) and Rockin Rolling Rollercoaster.   I'm still totally looking forward to visiting  Disney Studios --but it is pretty much the same place I remember with the new additions being things I've seen in California.

The Disneyland Passholder Factor:  Before DCA this place was so different and unique to me.   Now many of my favorite things from this Theme Park are things that I can visit all the time. The best features at Disney Studios are at the Disneyland Resort. Toy Story Mania,  Star Tours, Tower of Terror, The Muppets 3-D and Fantasmic.   Being a Disneyland Passholder --this place is no longer as unique--but I'm sure we will still have a blast there --doing the stuff we don't have on the West Coast.

4.  The Magic Kingdom
                              (Picture from Pinterest)
           The Disneyland Passholder Factor:

For someone that has never been to Disneyland --this park will probably be there number one theme park.  It does get the biggest attendance of any theme park each year.   I grew up with Disneyland however.   I used to work at Disneyland and have been an Annual Passholder ever since.  The Magic Kingdom is the one theme park that if I had to skip one on my trip --I would have to select,  solely  based on the fact that despite being more spread out it is basically the same Theme Park as Disneyland.  Pirates at the Magic Kingdom doesn't even have drops.   Everything is just slightly different like a weird dream.   There is no Matterhorn.  There is no Indiana Jones.     I'm looking forward to seeing the things that are different here ---like Stitch's Great Escape the replacement for the much better Alien Encounters and the new Fantasyland.  I want to see all the things that aren't at Disneyland.   And the Haunted Mansion because it has some differences.

What is your ranking and why?

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