Saturday, February 21, 2015

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #55 How to Swim 1942 7 out of 10

How to Swim 1942   7  out of 10

The next in the series of Goofy How to cartoons is this one from 1942.  In this cartoon Goofy learns how to swim.  He practices on a stool in his house in a stylish swim outfit that looks like pajamas  (I can't believe people used to wear stuff like that).   Goofy also learns how to change in the tight space of a beach changing room (another outdated notion).  While in the changing room a big wave crashing on the beach and Goofy oblivious to the situation exits the changing room underwater and proceeds to set up his beach gear completely clueless to.  This cartoon also features Goofy learning how to dive and attempting to go for a swim in a blown up tire.    There is an almost gracefullness to Goofy Clumsy bumbling.  His falls and crashes are like a choreographed dance. His awkard movements are elegant and display a fluidity that is a pleasure to watch.  His talents are best on display in this cartoon in his attempt at a dive that ends with him crashing into a pool with no water.

This cartoon can be found as a part of the Walt Disney Treasures collection : The Complete Goofy.

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