Sunday, February 8, 2015

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #54 Doggone Biscuits 7 out of 10

Doggone Biscuits   7 out of 10

In this cartoon Mickey Mouse is going away for a month and leaves Minnie in charge of Pluto.  Minnie can't resist giving Pluto his favorite treats that are extremely fattening despite Mickey's warning to only give him one every once in awhile.   This plot could lead to a serious discussion on obesity an the people that allow and enable their love ones to become obese ---but this is cartoon review so I'm not going to go there.    Instead what we get is a decent cartoon about Minnie trying to get Pluto back in shape before Mickey returns home early and this is no small task become Pluto looks like a beached whale.   Minnie tries everything to whip Pluto back into shape which leads to some interesting sight gags.
Mickey returns and somehow Pluto is in even better shape than when he left.  

This cartoon can be found on the Disney Channel and Disney Online.

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