Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pardon our Dust: More like Bites the dust: Goodbye Luigi's Flying Tires

 Pardon out dust the sign reads outside of Luigi's Flying Tires.  
The ride itself has gone the way of the Flying Saucer ride that inspired it.   This ride was okay at best and not worth the wait in line.  It was the one misfire in all of Carsland.   I knew this ride wasn't long for this world and figured it was just a matter of time until it closed, well now it officially has.  Now the signs are up as Disney tries to figure out what to replace it with.   The Flying tires were difficult to move and from the very begging Disney was trying to figure out how to make the ride a little more exciting.   

The temporary fix was to add giant beach balls and have the guest throw them at each other,  they may have well have called it Luigi's  Lawsuit ride.   The giant beach balls disappeared quickly and so did any chance of this ride surviving longterm.

Goodbye Flying Tires ---- may you rest in peace.

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