Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Disney Parks Restaurant Review: Review #2 Sci-Fi Dine In

Some  Disney restaurants are as much about the experience as they are about the food and that is the case with the SciFi Dine-In Theater.  It is located in Disney's Hollywood Studios and was on our must visit Disneyworld bucket list.  The restaurant is set up like you are at a drive in movie in a bunch of 1950's style cars.  You dine in the dark while clips from a bunch of B and C Sci-Fi movies play on the big movie screen in the theater.

I personally love the theme --because I'm a huge sci-fi  and chessy movie fan and love movies that are so bad that they are good.  

The check in area has posters from some of the cheesy movie clips inside that are featured in the waiting area -before you go inside.

There is also a small display of some old Sci Fi props like this Ray Gun that you pass more you reach the drive in area.

The loop on the big screen  while you dine features clips from such "gems" as Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster,  Plan 9 From Outer Space,  and Robot Monster.   It also features some old style lobby refreshment ads and cartoons.  It is pure cheesy fun and the type of movies that you would expect a couple from the 1950's and 1960's going to see at the drive in.  It is a fun environment that the whole family will enjoy.

My only complaint would be that the loop isn't long enough.  At about 45 minutes it repeats during your visit and there is really no reason to not have a loop long enough that you could see original material for the entire dining experience.

One of my favorite clips was Walt Disney introducing a robot character in his futurist nature.

The food itself was good --but my wife commented and I agree that for a drive in experience the menu was a little too adult in nature.  It should be more of a Hamburger, Hot Dogs and Pizza kind of place instead of  Shrimp Pasta and Salmon BLT's menu.    
I had a hamburger and fries which was good.
Here is a sample of the menu that I found online.

There are drink choices for the adults as well.
I was in a soda mood for lunch otherwise I would have gone with Magical Star Cocktail, which sounds like an outer space tiki drink.    When the kids got desserts I did go a Godiva Chocolate Martini  which was delicious.  Who needs a chocolate shake when you can have a Chocolate Martini.

Dining at the Sci-Fi dine is a fun treat and as far as I'm concerned a must see.  Go for the experience.

I wish they would bring the Sci-Fi Dine in experience to DCA.   Since DCA and the Hollywood area is so similar it would totally fit and they have the space in the big stage  12 building that originally housed several fast food restaurants.    But if they do maybe it should get an update.   During Star Wars weekends they use the Sci-Fi dine in for a Star Wars dine in experience with clips from the 6 films so far.  I originally saw the first Star Wars in 1977 in a drive in theater--so a Star Wars Dine in Theater would be amazing.  With 6 new films on the way this would be a huge hit and a lot more relevant to the general public that has never seen The Blob or appreciated the astronaut helmet wearing gorilla.

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