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(Disney Animated Movie Review #11 ) Pixar's Inside Out 2015 9+ out of 10

Inside Out 2015  9+ out of 10

Pixar strikes again:  Inside Out takes a high concept idea taken to the next level.  As I mentioned in a previous blog about it's box office success, Inside Out takes concepts covered in an old Disney World War 2 cartoon,  an old Epcot attraction called Cranium Command and the TV show Herman's Head  and creates an incredible new universe.    What Tron did for the computer Inside Out does with the human brain.

The Story
The story follows a young girl named Riley whose life has been completely happy until her family moves from their home in Minnesota to San Francisco.   We get to follow how this dramatic life change effects Riley from the point of life of her emotions.   Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness are the emotions that control Riley's mind in what is called Headquarters.  These anamorphic creatures help to guide Riley through life and the film focuses on how they deal with this new drastic change.   Things get a little out of control as the emotions take on this new challenge,  which is where all the fun begins.   This simple sounding story is taken to creative and imaginative places.  There is definitely world building going on in this universe and I could see additional stories being told in this world --whether that be animated shorts of sequels.  I love where they took this concept.

The Cast
The casting of the emotions was great:   Amy Poehler plays the main character of Joy (who has basically been in charge until the life change happens) and totally nails the role.  Phyllis Smith  (Phyllis from the Office) personifies sadness and Lewis Black is an absolute blast as Anger. I would love to see an animated short based on Anger being in control the whole time.  He is a tour de force and the fact that the movie touches on the emotions in other people's head leaves so many possibilities open.   An argument between Lewis Black and Gilbert Gottfried (as someone else's Anger)  --would be epic. 

Emotional Ride
This movie succeeds in not just showing you the emotions that Riley goes through --but actually takes you on an emotional ride along with some of those emotions.  The movie makes you laugh and makes you emotional as well. The journey that Joy and Sadness go on together drags you along with them.  The movie may connect with you on levels an average animated film does not.  In the same way the Toy Story pulled on your emotions when Jessie's owner that once loved her leaves her behind in a box the character of Bing Bong may make you miss your childhood.   The movie deals with the loss of innocence in a similar way and may effect the emotions of both child and adult alike.  The movie just hits all the right notes and ends with a hiliarious montage of the emotions in the heads of many other people.  It left the kids cracking up with laughter , which was a great way for a movie that can actually make you think sending you out of the theater.

I would definitely recommend Inside Out to anyone.  Especially after seeing the trailer for some upcoming animated movies that will soon hit the theaters.  I'd rather watch  take a deep and thoughtful movie like Inside Out over babbling  fart joke Minions anyday.

Dream Productions a great concept.
I just had to mention Dream Productions because I love that concept and about 7 years ago had a concept myself (which I'm sure hundreds of creative  people have considered before me) about an entire movie based on your dream world.   I had about 5 very different concepts for movies based on dreams and the dream world --but one centered on your dreams being run by a Hollywood movie company putting them on for you each night.   This movie is the first movie that really touched on that.  I can see an entire movie based on this concept.  Pixar is the perfect place for this idea and this movie touches the surface of what could be an entire movie --where Dream Central (in my concept) gets a budget for your dream and the whole movie deals with the chaos of trying to put on that production as writers keep changing the script as the dream goes on.  I loved how they dipped into this concept and I would love to see a movie about this like what I had imagined previously.   Do or do Not Pixar  "Dream Productions" would make a great movie.

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