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Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #60 Reason and Emotion 1943 7+ out of 10 (This one is for the adults)

Reason and Emotion 1943  7+ out of 10

After reading an article  on yahoo about an old Disney war Propaganda film being an inspiration for Pixar's new hit film Inside Out --I had to check it out. 

 Reason and Emotion was an Anti-Nazi Propaganda film the Disney made during the war effort and takes a look at the battle between Reason and Emotion in the human brain when making decisions.  This was an interesting cartoon that in today's "Politically Correct world" is not so politically correct.  I would say this particular Disney cartoon is not really for the kids--but worth checking out as an adult fan of Disney history. 

The character of Emotion in this cartoon is played by a cartoon caveman that seems all ID battling for the control of the human brain with Reason that is portrayed by a Felix Unger type  (basically the Super Ego).  The caveman character is funny despite being a extremely inappropriate by modern standards.  The cartoon hits some heavy topics when its discusses Hitler  (yes Hitler)  and how he played on the people of Germany's emotions to work toward world conquest in his propaganda.   If you are a fan of Disney history definitely check this cartoon out. It can be found in the article below from Yahoo, with an intro from Leonard Maltin.

The films obvious influence on Inside Out is in the concept of different characters inside a person's head representing their emotions and  controlling their actions.   

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