Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nostalgia vs Cheesiness : A look at the Great Movie Ride


I’m a huge Disney fan and a huge movie fan –so I have always loved  The Great Movie Ride.  

It  is like an animatronic trip into the history of films. 

  I love the Raiders scene (My favorite movie)

The Casablanca Scene is classic even though
  the movie itself is overrated.  

And the Wizard of OZ scene is a gem.  I love how the conclusion of the ride has the movie montage of famous movies clips  (I’m a fan of movie history so I’ve seen most of these films).

 So after riding this classic ride on our recent trip I turned to my wife expecting to see a smile on her face and instead got a  “That was really cheesy comment”

I was shocked –how could she not find this ride great.  I mean it is a like a Pirates of the Caribbean or Haunted Mansion type ride through the history of movies???  Both of the kids were kind of bored as well.    I couldn’t understand it.  How can a ride that I look on with such fondness  be boring and cheesy to the rest of my family.    I asked –  “what didn’t you like?”   She thought that the whole gunfighter stealing the tram portion with the live actors was just really lame.   I admit the same old bit after 30 years has gotten old and doesn’t hold the same punch that it used to.  But being a Disney and Movie fan –it just reminds me of cheesy old shows that Ioved at Universal Studios.  And being the Disney fan that I am I love any ride with Audio Animatronics.     But I guess I can see how one persons nostalgia is just old and cheesy to someone else.   
  As far as the kids are concerned  --unlike all the animated Disney movies that other rides are based on –they have no idea what 90% of these movies are.    I still see the Great Movie ride through the eyes that I first saw it 30 years ago when it still opened.    To the rest of my family it might as well have  Superstar Limo (the old failed DCA ride through Hollywood).

The ride just got a much needed update to movie montage section at the end to add more relevant films with its new TCM sponsorship as well.   (It should never have taken that long to update the film).

Maybe the ride itself needs an update ?????     (despite my still loving it).   

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  1. I visited HS in 2014 for the first, and only time. (I've only been to WDW three times, all since 2011). I am not a big movie person although I've been around a long time and I do enjoy movies. I'm not into celebrities or actors. I like a variety of genres. I didn't really enjoy my visit to HS to be honest, and my last trip, Apr 2015, we chose not to visit at all. It was kind neat riding Star Tours...but that's about it. We did ride the Great Movie Ride, hearing that it was pretty good, but I found it so-so. I'm thinking you might be like I am about the Carousel of Progress in MK. I still love it :)