Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Disneyland vs Disneyworld: The Battle of Pirates of the Caribbean

Disneyland vs Disneyworld:    Pirate Battle.

The Ride:  Winner Disneyland
The battle of the Pirates of the Caribbean  was an easy one.    The Disneyland Pirates is a better ride.    Drifting slowly out of Landing ---through the Bayou and fireflies and passing the Blue Bayou restaurant, before slowly turning the corner as the talking Skull and Crossbones mocks you.   Then you get the double drops,  the most thrilling part of the ride which lands you into a long section of caves. 
The Magic Kingdom drop is so forgettable I forget it had one at all.  It just feels like the Magic Kingdom version is a cheaper copy of the Disneyland version.   Sure it has a little mermaid addition –but the ride is just a lazy copy of the California  Pirates.    If I had never been on the one in California the Magic Kingdom Pirates would probably be one of my favorite rides as well---but in comparison it falls short.

The Pirates shop:  Winner Magic Kingdom
 The shop for the Magic Kingdom version is laid out much better.   It is wider and seems like it has more stuff and has a cool look into the Pirate’s League ( dress up activity for kids).   So I would have to say the Magic Kingdom shop is better.

Overall Winner:  Disneyland  (hands down)
2 drops are better than one.....If you want to argue tell this guy

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