Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Always Changing Disneyland Bucket List: What is on your Disneyland Bucket List?

I’m an annual pass holder so you would think that I wouldn't have a  big Disneyland Bucket list.   But as a huge Disney fan I do and it changes all the time.   My list will differ from someone who may have never been to the parks or who hasn’t been there for years.  You may have never been to Carsland….So experiencing the newest section of the parks may be your entire list.
My list is always evolving –whenever something new comes to the park I have to check it out and will get antsy if I haven’t seen it yet.   So here is my current list as of June 24th 2015.
1.  World of Color – I haven’t seen World of Color in awhile and missed out on the special Christmas version –So I’m dying to check out the new updated version for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary

    2.  Antman Sneak Peak:   One of my favorite things to do now is to check out the new movie sneak peeks in the parks.  They are always cool and anytime a new one comes out it quickly go to the top of my Disneyland bucket list.

3. The Hatbox Ghost:  I can’t believe that I’ve been out to the park twice since it arrived and haven’t seen it yet.

4.  The new Yeti.    I’ve seen the new effects online and it looks incredible.     (I wonder what happened to Harold --pictured below --waving to his fans)

 5. The New Fireworks –From Main Street USA.   We caught the new Fireworks the other night from down near the Small World –which was cool –but I really need to see them from Main Street to get the full effect  (here is an old picture from a really cool --not so crowded place to catch the fireworks from)

6. Alice in Wonderland-   They added some new effects to Alice early in the year which I haven’t seen yet.   Since then the lines have either been long or the ride closed after the fireworks.

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