Thursday, June 4, 2015

Disney Vacation Tip #5: Embrace Magical Moments

Magical Moments at Disney can happen in many shapes and forms.  Sometimes it is just a cast member going out of the way to help you with something.    Or it could be one of your kids meeting their favorite Disney character.   When a magical moment happens Embrace it –because it could be a moment that you will remember forever.  A Magical Moment happened for us at the end of our Disney Vacation.
On our vacation in March we stayed at the Saratoga Springs (I’ll talk about that in a future blog). Our schedule which included my step daughter’s cheer competition was such that we needed to spend one night at a different hotel at the end of our trip.   So we had booked a room at the Art of Animation hotel which was one of the newer hotels –but reasonable priced.    I was looking forward to staying there and checking out all of the Cars, Nemo and Little Mermaid areas and pools and thought the kids would enjoy it as well. 
Sunday morning came and my wife had to take her daughter to the last day of her Cheer Competition –it was my job with the help of my step son to move all of our stuff and check into the new hotel.     The 2 of us struggled with all of the luggage into a taxi and headed over to the Art of Animation.
As we arrived at the check in desk for our one night a Magical Moment happened.   It seems like the Art of Animation was overbooked ---and the girl behind the desk asked us if we would mind being moved to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

I thought about it for about 5 seconds…….And then embraced the moment.   I couldn’t believe our luck.
A magical upgrade!!!   I mentioned that we had luggage for the whole family and had just taken a taxi to get here and Disney said no problem --they would pay for us to get there as well.    I didn’t even hesitate…..I texted my wife on the way over that we were no longer staying at the same hotel. We just jumped in the taxi and headed for the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  All the things I was excited to see at the Art of Animation went out the door and were immediately forgotten.
When we were looking at Resorts (especially Timeshare ones we could trade into) Animal Kingdom was our number one choice.
But it wasn’t available to trade into for the time period we needed to go.  Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Polynesian would be my top 2 choices of resorts to stay at.   So when they asked us if we would mind upgrading from a Moderate resort like Art of Animation to a room with a view of Giraffes and zebras it was a no brainer.   I’ll remember how special that one night was for the rest of my life.  It was like having part of the Kilimanjaro  Safaris in your room.

Waking up before the rest of the family and sitting out on the 

balcony with this view was definitely a memorable moment.

Here is one of the cool little patios you can relax on and check out the animals from.

A gorgeous wide open pool with a cool thatched bar area.  As much as I loved the Condo style larger rooms at Saratoga Springs  --I would have loved to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for the entire week.   It was just breathtaking.

I’ll go into more detail and share more pictures from our brief stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge in a couple of upcoming blogs.

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